Classroom training is not practical !

What now for companies reopening after Covid 19?

On top of regular company training programs, the CDC recommends extra training on the signs and symptoms of infection, staying home when ill, social distancing, personal protective equipment, hand hygiene practices, and identifying and minimizing potential routes of transmission at work, at home, and in the community. 

“It's impossible - we need to roll out new training for all staff but classroom training is not safe - we have the information, the staff are ready but we cant train them”

It sounds hypocritical to have a classroom training course on social distancing when people are in a single room trying to stay more than 6ft away from colleagues  - given that “a close contact is someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes”  classroom training is not practical!


Businesses are facing problems.

  • How to train staff in new procedures without putting employees at risk
  • How to track training and so protect the business
  • How to roll out new training programs when classroom training is not an option

It is critical that everybody knows the rules because if there is an outbreak, people will want to see evidence that precautions were taken, employees were trained. Management has to protect the business, employees and customers.


Is online training the only solution?

Everybody is familiar with online learning. On average companies deliver between 27 and 32% of training online according to the 2019 Training Magazine Survey. When your training is online, everybody learns at a time and place that suits - 24/7 at home or at work. People come to work knowing the rules and regulations.


Small or medium sized businesses have not moved training online because of the technical challenges in creating training or moving procedures online. In the old days, it took forever to roll out a new online solution. The rollout sucked in so many resources that performance improvements were small. A complete management team disappears for weeks or months as they try to make sense of new technology.


The trick is to keep it simple, rather than find an all encompassing HR solution - choose the best in class to solve your problems today!


Better to find a solution that is already configured to train your employees

The steps to success are simple :

  • Make your training and procedures available online
  • Ask employees to take training from home on their phone or laptop
  • Track all training - automatically


Online training is faster than classroom training and the stats tell us it is better. According to Branden Hall, online training can deliver the same content as classroom training but take 40 to 60% less time. 

Your employees learn the same amount of new information but in approximately half the time. Not only is training time compressed, but according to the Research institute of America the retention of new information is increased by 25 to 60%. 

A study by IBM found that every one dollar spent in online training solutions resulted in a thirty dollar increase in productivity. Not everybody is making chips or selling software but the evidence suggests that investing in online training delivers better business results.


What next ?

Today you can train all employees online and you don't need to be a nerd to roll out your new solution.
TraineeRecords began with a request from Tesco for a solution that could be rolled out to their express stores and train all staff on critical sales training. They needed an easy way to train staff and track who was trained.


TraineeRecords get you up and running fast - our training consultant explains the steps you need to take to move online. We work with you to 

  • Upload your people, 
  • Explain how you can create your own training 
  • Make your procedures available online 
  • Show you how to track training and see who still needs to be trained.


Create courses that are engaging - in a few minutes you can combine videos, google slides, text and more to create effective online courses for all employees. You are in control, it is easy to add new procedures or bespoke courses to your catalogue and roll out to all employees.

Imagine, next week you could be delivering your bespoke training course online to all employees and tracking performance from your desktop.


Book your demo

Our training consultant will


  • Demo the TraineeRecords online solution
  • Discuss whether the solution is suitable for your business
  • Upload your employees
  • Show you how to create online courses

“It's easy to use and because management know who is trained and not, it makes you want to get the training done!” - Elaine, Store Manager, Tesco